Saturday, 26 June 2010

WWE has the edge over Hollywood!!

So who's your favourite actor? Or should I say, who do you think is the best actor? Before you answer that question you should think deep about what acting is about. The main idea, as we all know, is telling a story in the most realistic way possible, or a vivid depiction of real life events. I have to point out that, in my opinion, the best acting performances have been in films that are based on real people's lives; acting as someone that exists/existed is very challenging, because there's no script describing the character or their attributes. Basically, the actors have to indulge themselves in some other person's life, and then portray it in the big screen, which is a big ask. But they're coping.

My favourite films have mostly been depictions of real people or real events; Malcolm X, City of God, John Q etc.. But the all pervading power of Hollywood doesn't come from these rare but outstanding performances, it actually comes from the repetitive, myopic, stereotypical and predictable films about heroes, love, lust and greed. The ones where the loser from school eventually gets the cheerleader, and the hero always sleeps with the hot girl, even if she's his sister; and most importantly, the ones with the irksome one liners like "I told you not to scratch my car" (guns firing, rocket launchers and grenades thrown around, because of a scratch). These types of films don't require much talent, all they require is looks and a decent grasp on the English language; and even that is sometimes unnecessary if we consider Arnold Schwarzenegger. So, since there's a lack of good actors, where do you suppose they are? I'll tell you where they are, they're busy wrestling.

So the other day I was watching WWE, to my defence may I add that it wasn't by choice, and instead of concentrating on the wrestling I decided to take a deeper look at the essence of the show, the reason why it's so successful. A while later, I realised that the wrestlers were pretty damn good at acting, and not Kevin Costner good, am talking Marlon Brando good. If you think about it, these wrestlers have had a substantial audience for over 55 years now, and the WWE alone grosses over $150 million a year.

I think the idea of WWE has been construed from the wrong point of view by us cynics. We shouldn't really be looking at the wrestling and how gay all these muscular idiots look when they fall to a slap on the wrist. We should look at it as a long ceaseless film. You should also keep in mind that the acting that comes with the back stage drama is Oscar worthy.

So this is the conclusion to my idea. Wrestlers are either the best actors in the world or the audience have an average IQ of 7. Believe me, to some of those spectators, watching wrestling is not merely an avocation, its a f***ing job.

I think the best actor in the world is Bret "The Hitman" Hart. 34 years active and still going.

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